Company Bio

We are a growing real estate acquisition and management firm specializing in multifamily residential properties across Maryland and the DC metro area.

Founded in 2007 in Downtown Baltimore, we dedicated ourselves to creating beautiful spaces and innovative living through the revitalization of forgotten communities.

As of 2017, our portfolio has expanded throughout Maryland and the DC metro area with over 9 multifamily properties across the region. We are committed to providing beautiful and safe homes and communities for thousands of Maryland and DC residents.

Key Team Members
Michael Katz

Michael Katz formed Signature Properties in 2007 with the purchase of a small 8-unit apartment building in Baltimore. Since then, he has grown the company to almost 1,000 units comprised of 9 communities within the Maryland and D.C. area. He is also the co-founder of Katz & Luxenburg, one of the largest CPA firms in Pikesville, Maryland. Michael prides himself on providing both clients and tenants with the best possible customer service.

Hershel Schabes
Chief Financial Officer

Hershel Schabes is a CPA with more than thirty years of experience as CFO/Controller in various industries. He is responsible for the planning and execution of all aspects of accounting functions and financial affairs of the organization. Hershel focuses on the implementation of automation and operational procedures to improve financial reporting and risk reduction with the goal of increasing profitability and growth.

Melissa Beaver
Executive Vice President

Melissa has over 20 years experience in property and community management with a heavy emphasis in large multifamily portfolios, lease ups, and management group reorganization. She previously worked for other large multifamily Management Firms in the Industry, where she was responsible for the finance, management and day to day operations of a portfolio of over 2,000 multifamily units.

Jay Myers
Director of Operations

Jay joined Signature after 15 years experience in the multi-family construction industry. His expertise is finding cost saving measures throughout all phases of apartment renovation and maintenance. He is responsible for managing the construction and renovation projects throughout the portfolio.

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